Do you know the saying "the world is a handkerchief"?

Well that's Moneder Market

Moneder Market is a global platform. An online showcase that aims to make life easier for local businesses, offering solutions for large companies, capable of generating links with consumers, other establishments and municipalities around the world, without the need to give up local identity or brand territorial.

At the same time, it is a type of digital 'matchmaker' that aims to make consumers and businesses fall in love, providing both parties with the most appropriate environment for this to be possible. An exciting project with the idea that one and the other enjoy, feel and experience local commerce like never before, finishing with the topics of love and distance.

Other Marketplaces, Ecommerce, Prestashop, Wordpress + Wocommerce, no matter your programming, URL or code, in Moneder Market everyone has their site and everyone is welcome.

Moneder Market; the endless store of countless customers

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