Discover the 4 fundamental keys to get back to the gym after a long time

Date: 12 Sep 2022

Categories: Lifestyle

September is the month when we resume the routine we had suspended during the vacations. But after so many days of swimming pool, sea, river or mountain, it is usually not easy to return to training. It is likely that we have to re-educate our body and get back into the habit of sport. 

That's why in this article, we share with you 4 tips, to make this process easier and more efficient: 

1# Set realistic goals

It is good to return to the training routine with renewed energy after a few days of rest, but that excess of enthusiasm can lead us to propose unattainable goals. The key is to go slowly, respect your body's time, set achievable goals and then, as the months go by, increase your demands. 

2# Better in pairs than alone 

It often happens that we find it difficult to go to the gym because we can't find the time, or we prefer to have a few beers with friends or simply watch a series on the couch. But if we have a partner, which motivates us, which we are afraid to leave, it could be a good way to get us out of the will to train. Besides, working out in pairs has been always more fun and enjoyable. 

3# You will not see changes without a proper nutritional plan

If you think that going to the gym 3 times a week is enough to achieve the body you want, you are fooling yourself. It is extremely important to combine training with a nutritious diet, according to your goals, which will not only have benefits for your health, but will bring more energy to your body. In our MarketPlace, we have a section of excellent nutritional products, such as protein bars, formula shakes and much more. These products can be purchased online directly through and will arrive at your home without paying shipping costs.  

4# Wear the right workout clothes

It is clear that it is not appropriate to wear jeans to the gym, but more than anything, in this item we mean that we make a small investment in comfortable sportswear, especially of a material that breathes and allows you to perform all kinds of exercises.

Choose a couple of outfits and a good pair of sneakers, you will really see the difference. 

We hope you have found these tips useful and that you can put them into practice. 

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