To not lose your appetite

Date: 25 Oct 2023

Categories: Gastronomy | News

In these times, when we talk about food, knowing its origin can be gibberish.

Fortunately, at Cansaladería Cal Vives, since 1901 and for four generations (which is said soon), the preparation of traditional products from the artisanal and homemade slaughter of pigs, sausages and charcuterie, is already in itself a guarantee of quality.

100 years, a century, always offering its best version to its customers. Better version that evolves according to new needs, such as giving batches of sausages (for companies or individuals) or preparing batches for all types of celebrations: a treat, a festival, an event, a barbecue.

Among its products, its meats and fresh products stand out, its sausages and cured or dried products, its sausages and cooked products, its precooked and cooked products, and its cheeses.

At Cansaladería Cal Vives they put all the meat on the grill so that the rest of us can lick our fingers. Trays of sausages and cheeses, skewers, canapés, gutters, skewers, sausages, hamburgers... wow, just writing it makes my mouth water.

And how are you doing? Have you worked up an appetite yet?

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