Pass through the stone

Date: 09 Nov 2023

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Said like this, it may sound a bit harsh, taking into account the supposed origin of the expression "pass over the stone" (apparently, the Romans had the custom of putting the enemies they captured on all fours on a stone. Then they killed them. with his "gladius" -sword- and hence the passing through the stone)

Fortunately at Wemax when they talk about using the stone, they are referring to alternative ways of cooking healthily using salt stones.

What do salt stones contribute to the culinary world?

Well, since it heats slowly, it prevents products from sticking. It can be placed on the oven or grill to cook food and thanks to its properties it is not necessary to use oils or butter.

Meat, seafood, even vegetables, just like an iron skillet would, but it provides a deeper aspect of flavor, saltiness and texture. Another positive aspect of salt stone is that it does not give off odors.

At Wemax they have a wide variety of salt stones; Mediterranean salt stone, Hawaiian salt stone, Himalayan salt stone, and a wide variety of accessories such as; Stainless steel plate for direct fire, shovel for handling, wrought-effect wooden support, etc.

Additionally, at Wemax they have a recipe section in case you are not very familiar with this way of using block salt, since it is a relatively new concept as a cooking technique.

So, now that you are in context, would you like to go through the stone?

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