In the traditional way

Date: 24 Oct 2023

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At Granja Comas they are clear about it. And they have been clear about it even without knowing it since 1920, when it all began.

Yogurts, bullies, smoothies, flans, milk, kefir... of course, but taking care of every stage of the process, from the field to the store. In the traditional way.

That is why they work with what they call a closed circle:

Agriculture: They use a rotating crop system, without chemicals, with a good nutritional base for livestock and without an irrigation system. They take advantage of the cattle waste generated by livestock farming to fertilize the fields and ensure their fertility naturally. And if that were not enough, they also use a tractor with "clean technology" that contributes to caring for the environment.

Livestock: Currently, they have a herd of 200 cows that they consider part of the family. These are mainly Friesian breed cows (dairy) although in turn, they are crossed in a small percentage with the Limousin breed (fattening calves). The steers are also part of the family, which is why they are raised with all the affection possible and up to two years old they graze daily.

Obrador: With the milk they obtain daily from their cows, approximately 5,000 liters, they make a variety of more than 30 dairy products. Quality and proximity, that is why every week they carry out the production of all products, thus guaranteeing a fresh and quality product.

So now you know, if you love dairy products a lot; Granja Comas, tradition and quality always and forever.



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