World Paella Day: Why is it the fourth most important dish on the planet?

Date: 19 Sep 2022

Categories: Gastronomy

Every September 20th is celebrated the World Paella Day, a typical dish of the Valencian Community, which has managed to cross borders and to captivate the most demanding palates. 

This food of humble origins, whose protagonist is rice, has been able to adapt to different regions of Spain and the world, since its nobility has allowed the incorporation of different products, and hence its variants: Valencian, with seafood, with meat, vegetable paella, with black rice, etc. 

Its versatility has led paella to become the fourth most important dish on the planet, with more than eight million annual searches on the Internet


World Paella Day Cup 2022


 But making a good paella is not an easy task, it involves the knowledge of techniques and years of practice. So much so, that there is currently an international competition where 10 chefs from all over the world participate every year, the World Paella Day Cup 2022, a prize for the best paella in the world prepared by an international chef.



This competition takes place in the city of Valencia just on September 20, or days before the World Paella Day, however, cities like Toronto, Bombay, Helsinki or Canton have also prepared several special activities to celebrate it.


Paella, the homonymous utensil


To cook an exquisite paella, there are several keys, but beyond the ingredients and the hand of the person who makes it, the container in which it is cooked will define the success of the result. Its unmistakable shape gives us at first glance a preview of the importance of this utensil when cooking this dish. 

Elije tu paella ideal en

Choose your ideal paella in


In the market, you can find paellas of different materials, sizes and depths. They are made of stainless steel, enameled, with non-stick coating, iron, with two or more handles, in short, it is a whole universe. 

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