With lots of chili

Date: 05 Dec 2023

Categories: News

If you like candies and spicy food, you are in luck, because Chuchespicantes.com brings both things together.

To give you an idea, their entire range of candies is only for people over 18 years old (don't be naughty and mix up the words "spicy" and "over 18 years old" because we'll go off the deep end).

Their chiles all come from the garden of their El Santuari Restaurant, located near Barcelona and specialized in spicy products.

At Chuchespicantes.com they have been growing their own chili peppers for 10 years and developing products with them: beer, cider, extracts, candies...

In their organic garden they grow the hottest varieties of chili peppers in the world, and they are the base of their candies.

On their website, you can either buy seeds to grow your own chili peppers with personalized advice during the growing period, or learn to calculate spiciness thanks to the Scoville scale, which is used to calculate the heat units of each type of chili pepper.

Of course, on their website you can also buy their own homemade spicy candies online or you can go and buy them in person, and take the opportunity to put on your boots at their restaurant.

You see, at Chuchespicantes.com they put it to the point of candy.


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