Two in one

Date: 02 Dec 2023

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This is what Fisandeco Restauración offers: Two in one.

And when did the project start? Well, in the words of Fina Sánchez, the owner:

"It started the day a friend recommended a Chalk Paint workshop to me. She knew me well, it was the first of many others. I was so fascinated that I haven't been able to stop painting, restoring, stripping, upholstering, recycling... since then "I love recovering furniture, old or new, to give it a new life. Now it is my profession and I enjoy it every day."

In their store you can find chairs, sewing boxes, children's backpacks, dressing tables, stools, chests of drawers... and all types of indoor and outdoor furniture.

Apart from decoration, accessories and gifts. Oh, and own brand children's clothing and accessories, don't forget.

But if you are madly in love with your furniture, and you just want to give it a facelift, Fisandeco's restoration service includes:

-Insecticide treatment of wood.

-Classic restoration recovering the original wood.

-Vintage style decorative painting with chalkpaint.

-Decoupage, reliefs, smooth and quilted upholstery.

-Change of sewn and glued grid.

-… and much more.

As if that were not enough, Fisandeco also carries out in-person workshops on furniture restoration, recycling, decoration...

Your contact details? Go to their website and take a look at their projects.

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