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Date: 11 Dec 2023

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SEMEN I VARIS SL, also known as SEIVA, are a livestock products company with more than 30 years of national and international experience.

The foundation and creation of the company SEMEN I VARIS SL arose in 2002, from an idea of two friends who already worked in the livestock sector who decided to work in genetics for two reasons, because they liked it a lot and because they wanted to fight to reduce the price of seminal doses.

"The farmer paid twice the price for the semen doses than any other European farmer and we believed it was an injustice, but the existing monopolies made it possible and the national distributions protected it."

The companySEMEN I VARIS SL started with great enthusiasm and desire, and by being able to obtain bulls directly from the USA, they managed to be very competitive in terms of prices and obtained a very positive response from the ranchers.

All this work and enthusiasm has guided them during all these years, leading them to achieve great achievements and set new goals, incorporating more livestock products for the care and feeding of the animals.

At SEMEN I VARIS they offer a high-quality comprehensive advisory service backed by deep knowledge in the agricultural and livestock sectors.

Its team is made up of professionals with extensive experience and specialized training in various areas that impact these industries.

Además, estan comprometidos con la búsqueda constante de innovación y la adaptación a las últimas tendencias del mercado.In addition, they are committed to the constant search for innovation and adaptation to the latest market trends.

This allows them to offer cutting-edge advice that helps their clients achieve their goals and stay competitive in a constantly evolving industry.



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