Rise to the challenge

Date: 15 Nov 2023

Categories: News

It is never easy to live up to expectationss., and often the vertigo that these expectations produce in us translates into stress.

Well, in Vèrtic 3, there is no vertigo at all, or if nothing else, they hide it very, very well. Logical, because in his case, being up to par is his daily bread.

They are dedicated to doing vertical work, using climbing and caving techniques, which are difficult to access, as well as carrying out work with a minimum of fixed infrastructure, such as scaffolding, flying bridges, etc.

No matter the challenge: Rehabilitations, installations (of ducts or anti-bird systems), tree pruning, advertising installations, historic buildings, industrial cleaning and maintenance... A harness, some carabiners, some buckets, some ropes and that's it. .

Vèrtic 3 is a consolidated company with more than 15 years of experience in the sector, which covers a multitude of jobs, which reduces costs and avoids inconvenience.

A risky sport turned into work, which is undoubtedly not suitable for everyone, and which in work terms takes the concept of cleaning and maintenance to another level.

What if they have vacancies? I don't know, go to their website and ask.

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