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Date: 27 May 2024

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"From uncertainty, anguish and hopelessness to clarity, confidence and tranquility."

The step-by-step system for women who are planning a pregnancy, are pregnant or in the first year postpartum and want to learn to manage stress, prevent and treat perinatal depression and anxiety and feel the peace of mind of being accompanied by a specialized professional during her transition to motherhood.

This is the mission of Estel Soto, mother, doctor, psychiatrist and psychotherapist specialized in the perinatal stage.

As she tells us on her web, before studying medicine and becoming a mother, she had always imagined pregnancy and the postpartum period as an idyllic stage of well-being and happiness. Later she studied medicine, she specialized in psychiatry, she trained in perinatal and had her son Roc, and she realized that motherhood was not as easy a stage as we had been told.

This whole experience helped her to become aware that many women experience motherhood very differently than they expected, with feelings of sadness, anguish, suffering and hopelessness and that, furthermore, the majority suffer it alone, without help, since they do not dare to explain what happens to them for fear of feeling misunderstood, questioned or even judged.

Since then, and during all these years that she has been working as a psychiatrist, she has accompanied, supported and empowered hundreds of women during this stage, discovering her true vocation in this small discipline.

It is for all this that she decided to create “Sóc Mare”, a professional space (specialized in the perinatal stage and based on current scientific evidence), warm (empathetic and close, focused on listening, respect and understanding) and feminine (without judgments or prejudices, with the aim of empowering, supporting and accompanying), from where he wants to convey to women like you, (who feel that motherhood is difficult or complicated) that you are not bad mothers, that you are not to blame and that you are alone.

If you liked the article, don't miss the opportunity to visit their web and read the 10 reasons why it can help you. It's worth it.

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