Much more than a childcare center

Date: 13 Dec 2023

Categories: News

That is Petits Escola Bressolmuch more than a childcare center.

They are a small, family-friendly school that welcomes boys and girls from 0 to 3 years old. They treat each child according to their particularities. At all times, they respect their learning rhythms and autonomy and it is from this point that they work on their cognitive and emotional development.

They are a bilingual school where English and Catalan are spoken, always respecting the mother tongues of their students. They consider that the best way to learn a language is to do it at home, that is, integrating it into the child's daily life.

For this reason, in each classroom there are two references, one who speaks in Catalan and another who speaks in English, thus ensuring that both languages are equally present in the development of boys and girls.

At Petits Escola Bressol they have a young educational team with experience in the care and education of children. They are aware of the importance of the first years in the comprehensive development of boys and girls and that is why they have staff committed to their education.

Its educational project has four basic pillars on which it is based: Families, habits and routines, educators and finally, boys and girls.

What else can we say, go to their website and see EVERYTHING they do and how they do it, it is really worth it.



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