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Date: 02 Nov 2023

Categories: News

There are those who think that pharmacies are like cathedrals, seen one, seen all. But despite the fact that their appearance and distribution seem to be exact replicas of the same pattern and that in many cases they enjoy a practically similar distribution, it is clear that each pharmacy is a world.

And it is this way in part because of the people who run it, because of its location and because of its history.

Farmacia Atlàntida is a young pharmacy, it only has ten years of history, but the imprint that they leave on their clients from the first contact defines them.

In addition to medicines, they sell remedies and solutions, and that has an unusual value.

Beyond its exquisite treatment with clients, its services include dermopharmacy, children's products, master formulas, analytical determinations, orders (order and pick up), orthopedics, homeopathy and phytotherapy, preparation of personalized medications (SPD). ), companies and hair analytics.

At Farmacia Atlàntida, they assure that their reason for existence is to ensure our health, and that listening is one of their main virtues.

So you know, if one day you are in Vic and the need arises, any pharmacy will assist you, but perhaps in any pharmacy they will not understand you.

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