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Date: 20 Dec 2023

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At Ànana Música they create personalized songs with soul so you can give a magical and forever gift.

Music may be the form of expression that most connects with the soul, that moves it the most. That is why the effect of a person's message transformed into a song is immense and therapeutic: it promotes emotional well-being and strengthens bonds.

And what process do they follow at Ánana Música to create this peculiar gift?

1-Select the song you want:

The first step is to choose the type of custom song you want. From the modality of 100% personalized life songs there is the musical base and the anana. Whatever the option chosen, you will give a treasure.

2-You explain your story to them:

They will send you a form where you will explain what the person you want to give the song to is like, what you want to say, what it brings to your life, shared moments... everything you want! Also what day you need it for and some more details.

3-They will create the song and send it to you:

They will send you a proposal of lyrics and music so you can give them your opinion, until you love it they will not accept it. Once validated, they will produce it and between 1 and 3 weeks you will receive the song. 

Finally, let me answer the question that you have had on the tip of your lips since the beginning of the post: An Anana is a song of life, an amulet that will always accompany you and remind you if you vibrate at your own frequency.

You dare?

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