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Everything hangs by some thread

Date: 29 Nov 2023

Categories: News

If there is a place where the expression "everything hangs in the balance" has meaning, that place is Calada.

Calada is an open-end system spinning mill dedicated to the manufacture of yarns made of natural, synthetic, and artificial fibers and their mixtures.

They have facilities in Santa Eugènia de Berga (Barcelona) with an occupied area of 6,000 m2 and have a production capacity of 1,500 tons per year.

Their machines are state-of-the-art, fully automated and with an exhaustive quality control system.

They have been present on the market since 1987, and their sales are directed to both the national and international markets.

Its yarns are aimed at both knitwear manufacturers on circular or rectilinear machines, as well as weaving on flat looms.

With its yarns, fabrics are produced for: clothing, early fashion, sportswear, socks, filters, interlinings, upholstery, curtains, furniture fabric, garden fabric, accessories such as scarves, ribbons, technical fabrics, macrame, food sector , medical applications.

They offer a personalized service that adapts to the client's needs through a quality product, with a range of colors and mixes à la carte.

They work with the following types of yarns: Modacrylic acrylic, Polyester, Viscose Modal Lyocell, Cotton and any mixture with other textile fibers.

Finally, comment that one of Calada's priorities is the sustainability of its yarn. To achieve this goal they use post- and pre-consumer recycled fibers.


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