A picture is worth a thousand words

Date: 20 Nov 2023

Categories: News

That's what the Norwegian poet and playwright Henrik Ibsen said in his own way back in the day, before his quote was paraphrased by many other people to give it its current structure and meaning.

By the way, who knows what phrase would have occurred to him if camcorders or video cameras had existed in his time...

In any case, Roccomotion's projects do nothing more than prove Henrik right. You just have to go to his website and look at his Portfolio to realize the power that these gadgets and the people who know how to get their full potential hold.

To excite: that is the mission of Roccomotion, and to carry it out, they use their services:

Immersive experiences: educational, promotional and entertainment experiences. With Virtual Reality and 360 Videos.

Of photographs: of corporate events, with images for websites, catalogs and 360 photographs.

Corporate communication: transmit emotions through spots, branded content and sortelling videos, videos for social networks, training videos, video marketing, etc.

Of documentaries and series and journalistic reports.

Filmmaking, photography direction and editing, and professional support on filming.

Yes, it's true, nowadays recording is easy, there are many devices that allow it, but reaching the heart of the viewer, taking their breath away and activating their tear glands, is another league, the Roccomotion league.



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