Live like at home

Date: 26 Oct 2023

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There are things in life that are common and inevitable for everyone. The difference sometimes lies simply in the way we face them.

At El Mirador del Puigsacalm, a center for older people, they are very clear about how to face old age, one of those common and inevitable things that I mentioned previously.

That is why, in addition to having a highly qualified human team to care for the elderly, they have new, top-quality facilities in a spectacular environment, in the heart of La Garrotxa, with beautiful views of the Puigsacalm peak.

At El Mirador del Puigsacalm they manage to make our seniors feel at home, neither isolated nor parked, so that their stay is more like an indefinite vacation than a place of retirement. With a small nuance: the affection they receive.

Caring that translates into hairdressing, cooking and laundry services, podiatry, occupational therapist, sociocultural animation, social work, psychology, medical and nursing. 

You see, they are going to have to check the agenda to see what day they can receive you.

Few things humanize us more than taking care of those who once took care of us. And that is one thing that they keep in mind in El Mirador del Puigsacalm, a place where loneliness is only a word.

Today for you tomorrow for me.

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