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Date: 29 Nov 2023

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Cosmética Ágave is a family business that has been manufacturing natural cosmetics in an artisanal way since 1996.

Commit to working with natural products not tested on animals. With recyclable packaging and with 100% natural raw materials that, as far as possible, are approved or have a certificate.

The most relevant materials that they usually use are the extracts of organic plants that Cosmética Ágave, collects, the vegetable oils and the essential oils and hydrosols from the distillate of the essences, all with the aim of achieving a high quality product.

It is a process that requires care and that due to its nature, means that the texture, color and even the smell may vary from one purchase to another, since both the essential oil and the extract, when obtained from the plant, are influenced by the type of soil, rain, sun and even exposure to the moon that the raw material has experienced.

Cosmética Ágave is committed to health and beauty, as well as improving the moods of our mind, through aromatherapy. And furthermore, it is a commitment that helps preserve our natural environment and obtain the maximum benefit from it, in a respectful way.

Anti-stress Line, Argan Line, Children's Line, Lavender Line, Musk Line, Firming Line, Regenerating Line, Repairing Line, Rosemary Line, Rosehip Line... Which of their complete lines of products with the same active ingredient are you going to start with? ?

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