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5 original gift ideas for Christmas

Date: 16 Dec 2022

Categories: Lifestyle

Christmas and Epiphany are approaching and many of us are running out of ideas when it comes to choosing gifts. The mission of this holiday season is to surprise our family and friends with original gifts that leave a mark and do not go unnoticed. In this opportunity, we bring 5 options of gifts that you can buy in the MarketPlace of or simply, to serve as inspiration this holiday season.  

1# Horseback Riding Lessons

If you have a loved one who is a lover of nature and animals, what better than giving an experience with horses as a gift. These are riding sessions consisting of theoretical and practical courses taught by qualified instructors and include both beginner and advanced classes, aimed at school groups and children as well as adults. Centro Hípico Oliva is the school in charge of these courses. 

2# Personalized wallet

If you want to give a very original present, you can design your personalized wallet with your favourite pictures thanks to FotOH!!! Photography. For only 19 euros, you will have a large wallet that in addition to carry cash and cards, will have on the surface unique souvenirs. 

3# KiteSurf Boat Course 

For fans of the sea and extreme sports, what better gift than a KiteSurfing course to enjoy the Mediterranean coast. This is another gift that you can purchase through our MarketPlace. It is a 3 hours training of theory, kite handling and body start. The course is given by KiteOliva, and includes boat, body and waterstart. 

4# Boho Chic Mesh White, Gold Colour

Another gift option can be a watch. This time Karisma offers us a Boho Chic style option, with elegant lines that inspire simplicity and modernity. This accessory reminds us that time does not stop, and that we must make the most of it. This premise can be ideal to start 2023 with a lot of desire to enjoy life. 

5# Champagne Glasses Pack

This little box can be the perfect gift to enjoy a relaxing moment as a couple. This gift is a sure give at Christmas and enjoy on New Year's or Valentine's Day. All presented in a nice kraft box, includes:


  • 2 champagne glasses, personalized with names.

  • Scented candle with LOVE message

  • Bath salts

  • Bath bomb

  • Bouquet of dried and preserved flowers

  • Personalized card


The packs are not exactly identical to the photographs shown due to differing customer choices and possible variations according to availability. This Smile Shop Pack is also available in our MarketPlace along with other models. 

Remember that in, the products on sale are shipped free of charge anywhere in Spain. 


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