Cool, Trendy or Fashion?

Date: 11 Dec 2023

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There are those who believe that they mean the same thing, and although it is true that they all belong to the world of fashion, they are different things.

It is one thing that they take into account at Seven when selling, trying to satisfy cool, trendy and fashionable people with their personalized attention. 

I imagine what you're thinking, are you really going to leave us with honey on our lips? Okay, let's go there:

Cool: A cool person has a modern but very personal and, this is important, relaxed style. The histrionic is not cool, the popular is not cool, the old-fashioned can never be cool. Cool people don't follow trends, but they have a calm and unique aura of modernity that makes them unclassifiable. It is a quality that, effortlessly, is born from within and that cannot be imitated: it is something genuine and special, intimately linked to personality and lifestyle.

TrendyTrendy refers to what is trending in a specific season. So we can talk about a trendy bag, a trendy look and even a trendy person (who knows what to wear and, generally, wears it). The term trendy refers to what is currently in stores, so anyone could be trendy without much effort: they just have to dress in what they see in the shop windows and in magazines.

Fashion: Fashion means "in fashion", but not "in style". That is to say, someone who is fashionable knows and handles fashion codes perfectly. A fashionable person has a fashion culture. He may not be trendy, that is, he may not follow trends, but he has a background that allows him to distinguish, among all the hodgepodge that the industry offers, the iconic garments, the emblematic trends or the designers who marked milestones. By the way, fashion is timeless: it never goes out of style.

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